About Us

Ayana Hospitality was established in 2012 to address the untapped opportunity in the boutique luxury & wildlife hospitality segment in India. Our ethos is closely linked with our concern for the environment. With a dedicated focus on wildlife conservation and responsible tourism, we strive to showcase the region’s natural and cultural richness.


Asteya Hotels

Asteya Hotels has been established as a sister concern to Ayana. The key motivation behind it being to establish a network of nature oriented hotels, resorts and lodges across India. Asteya, essentially, is the notion of not stealing precious and non-renewable resources provided by nature. Our prime aim is to give back to the community and environment around us and share precious experiences with guests who visit us.

Asteya teaches us that the more we put in, and the less we take out, the greater the abundance will be for all. Therein flows our motto of giving back with gratitude and generosity – whether it be experiences for our guests, helping to build the livelihoods of the local community, preserving natural resources or reducing our carbon footprint to a minimum – Asteya guides us always.



Clubfoot describes a range of congenital foot abnormalities present at birth in which the baby’s foot is twisted out of shape or position. Clubfoot is one of the most common birth defects in the world and can be treated. MiracleFeet supports local health practitioners in low to middle income countries who are trained in the Ponseti Method to treat clubfoot.

MiracleFeet India was established with the vision to eradicate disability caused due to untreated clubfoot in India. We envision a future where all children born with clubfoot in India receive treatment and grow up to live normal, productive lives.

Currently, MiracleFeet India funds 22 State Programs through 86 clinics. The treatment costs, on average, only INR 14,000 per child and is free or extremely low-cost for the families who receive it.