South East Asia’s natural habitats continue to deteriorate due to resource extraction to meet the needs of a growing population. In the last 50 years, humans have extensively changed these eco-systems to meet the demand for food, water, timber and fuel. At Ayana we are determined to make a difference and have a positive impact.


Wildlife Conservation

The list of endangered species is alarmingly long and our carbon footprint is ever increasing. Ayana understands the seriousness of this threat and has taken a determined stand to make a difference.
Various conservation related programs to conserve and protect these threatened natural habitats will be undertaken. Ayana will implement reforestation plans to expand and protect forest corridors and increase the buffers areas bordering national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Community based programs that reduce dependence on forest resources of native and tribal populations will be initiated. In addition, Ayana will support long-term research projects focused on better understanding the ecological issues affecting wildlife.


Community Development

A significant percentage of the population in South East Asian countries resides in rural and underdeveloped areas. Large, federal governments cannot effectively manage diverse communities, separated by geography and language. The needs and priorities of these communities are hard to identify and are frequently overlooked.
Ayana proposes to promote educational projects by recruiting volunteers to teach at local schools, introducing sponsorships for primary and advanced education, supplying books and stationary to schools. All hospitality projects undertaken by Ayana will be staffed by members of the local community (at least 65% of the team will be employed from neighbouring villages). Ayana will also promote the local handicraft industry by buying and marketing local products.

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